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    Crucial or Kingson hyperX?

    I'm looking to get a stick of 256mb PC2700, then pick up another one down the road. Should I get the Crucial which is only $39, or would there be a benefit to going with the Kingston HyperX Which is like $8 more? If it's going to be the same, I'll just go crucial. I do hope to OC mildly, maybe more in the future... Any other brands I should know about? I can't spend much more than the hyperX costs, so nobody tell me to get XMS PC3500 or anything.


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    I just picked up some HyperX PC3000. All seems well so far at 180MHz 2-2-2-1T, default voltage. I know that this is still actually below spec, but above this fsb my hd usually gets corrupted.
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    8 BUCKS?!?!?! This is about 8 bucks?!?!

    The Kingston HYPER series looks good on paper in that it is CAS 2 CL 2 ram made to run at the fastest memory timings. It's not expensive compared to Corsair XMS. I dont know if the Kingston Hyper can take OCing the FSB. If so it would be a cheap alternative to Corsair XMS.

    OTOH Crucial, for all their claims of quality which may very well be true, does NOT sell CAS 2 CL2 ram. I e mailed them back and forth about this and said " If I cant OC the ram OR run it at the fastest memory timings then why would I pay extra for Crucial when it can get PNY on sale at Comp USA for less"?
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    Cool, I'll go for the HyperX, thanks!

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    yes, go with the hyperX if u have the money (8 Bucks!!!)
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