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    New Vantec Aeroflow...Its alright....

    Just took off loud Volcano 9 that i had running at 3100rpm, and sat at 37idle/42load...and replaced it with a the aeroflow i picked up this weekend...Quieter then the V9, and now, i'm sittin at 28C, idle...havent stressed it yet...will check though...But anyway, so far i'm impressed..and looks sleek compared to that big orange fan i used to have....Now to just get some Stealths to replace 5 loud antec case fans i have...this thing should purr.......

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    I love my Aeroflow. Idle temps at 26 - 28 (depending on room temp) and it just looks good too.

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    It looks good.

    It must be a new type of fan since its rpm is higher but gives less noise. 5600 RPM, 35.5 CFM, 38 dbA.

    Compared to Vantec Tornado: 5700 RPM, 84.1 CFM, 55.2 dbA

    But then the CFM/dbA ratio of the Aeroflow is not as high compared to other fans.

    It is probably very good for medium overclocking and medium noise level.
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    The fan is a Tip Magnetic Drive (TMD) fan.

    The movement is generated from the corners rather than the center. With the motor on the outside, there is a smaller center hub. This results in a smaller dead spot for more efficient airflow, along with less noise.

    No, I'm not quoting the spec sheet. I have one and love it too.

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