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    Is there any way a BH6 can have a 1/2 divider for agp?


    I am thinking of getting a Tually Celeron + adapter for my BH6 and overclocking it to 133FSB. However, I looked in my bios and the agp divider is only 1/1 or 2/3. Since I use an agp card, I know running it at 133 will definitely choke it.

    Is there a modded/updated bios that allows a 1/2 divider for the agp on the BH6?



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    2/3 ought to be fine. nvidia's can usually go well above 100 and ati seems to make at least 100. check my sig

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    The old BX chipset as used on the BH6 never supported an AGP divider of 1/2 so I afraid the answer is no.

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    This is the reason why I gave up on my BX and got a 815EP board. My BX could only reach 152 FSB because the GF4 couldn't take the high AGP speed.

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