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    Which dvd burner

    Hey im looking into buying a dvd burner. Which should I go for and how much am i looking at spending for 1?

    Thanx any info will be appriciated.

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    I cant give you any brands/models or anything. Right now you would probably be looking into the area of about 300 dollars or so for a DVD burner. They arent that fast just yet, so might be better to just wait awhile.

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    Yeh your looking at upwards of $250-300. My experience with my Pioneer Drive is fair. It will burn anything you throw at it, pending that the media is top of the line expensive stuff. It's kinda on the picky side on using cheap media.
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    Pioneer A05 or SONY DRU500A.

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    I have the Sony DRU-500A, the new model is 500AX. Very satisfied with it. One additional benefit, its + and - RW. Was like $320 when I bought it, guess cheaper now.


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    I am thinking about the pioneer A05. I have seen it for under $200. The sony is nice but is a little expensive for me.

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    What about the original HP DVD200XI model or whatever it was?

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    i was working on plextor PX-504A
    it is nice rw but thats too expencive to me
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    I personally love my dru-500a. I think for the price you cant beat it, about $300, but it's like getting two drives in one because it does DVD+/-R and DVD+/-RW, which gives you alot more flexability in the media you use.

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    I havnt got one but a friend has the Sony DRU-500a he says its great and with both formats supported then you can use either media. However getting hold of it was a problem it sees everywhere was either out of stock or couldnt get them.
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