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    Astropulse Probes Your Systems

    For anyone considering running Astropulse I thought you might find it interesting that they collect quite a bit of information about every system you install the client on. Some people may not care, but I would imagine other people might object to this. I've also noticed some bugs with their system scan. For instance the cache size is listed as 976 for my P4, tbred, and P3 laptop. Floating point speed had a negative sign in front of it on my tred machine. I'm also having problems with no credit being given for completed work units. The machine listed below has returned about 12 work units in the last 24 hrs, but it hasn't been given any credit. Of course this is still beta so that's what the testing is for....

    Computer information
    IP address
    (same the last 31 times)
    Domain name p4
    Time zone UTC - 5 hours
    Name p4
    Created 22:19:33 Mar 30, 2003
    Total Credit 0
    Recent average credit 0
    CPU type GenuineIntel Pentium
    Number of CPUs 2
    Operating System Windows .NET Server 5.2
    Memory 511.53 MB
    Cache 976.56 KB
    Swap space 1250.85 MB
    Total disk space 57.01 GB
    Free Disk Space 31.29 GB
    Measured floating point speed 334.99 million ops/sec
    Measured integer speed 304.26 million ops/sec
    Measured memory bandwidth 845.05 MB/sec
    Average upload rate 8.1 KB/sec
    Average download rate 146.09 KB/sec
    Number of times client has contacted server 30
    Last time contacted server 11:01:26 Apr 8, 2003
    % of time client is on 100 %
    % of time host is connected 100 %
    % of time user is active 100 %
    Location HomeWorkSchool
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    This should be noted is only available in your account section, accesible only with your address number (that would a huge array of numbers and letters)......I really don't know even if the general statement "Genuin Intel" or "Authentic AMD" will be available to all members.

    It's still beta maybe later they would be pulled out of the site.
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