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    If you are feeling down....

    Just realize that this box is folding for Team 32!
    P4 Dual Xeon 2.4Ghz:::HT Enabled
    Fold On!
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    sweet! i like the sig too!

    lol whats with all that white man? be a good boy and crop that HUGE pic for us!
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    Whoops.....give me a sec.

    That should be smaller now hehe
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    Much nicer to look at now

    That definitely makes me happy to know its folding for our team

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    OMG i need one of those things! you giving them away ??@??!?!?!?!?


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    Yes indeed they are being givin away....for the fair price of around $5,000 at! GO and get yours now while supplies last. <\end sales pitch>

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    Ehm.. Cali... that sig of yours is a little TMI...

    Certainly with my wicked mind I can turn it into something I'm sure you do not mean...


    Sorry.. I'm wicked today... *snicker*
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    Good point....that any better?

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    How can we tell if we have hyperthreading enabled?
    Is there somewhere in Windows 2000 that I can look?

    I'm very curious, since this is my first P4 system.
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