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    Question NEED: freeware and easy to work with program for web animations

    Something that wouldn't need to break an arm and a leg to learn how to save and load files and where one could save custom-made anims for a web page (I'm thinking as .gif files maybe)

    An old friend mentioned something like 'Animagic'....anyone heard anything like that before? I've been unable to find it (or something relevant for that matter )

    Any and all help greatly appreciated

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    You can get a 30-day free trial of Ulead's GIF Animator 5 from their site (

    IIRC, it is fairly cheap, should you wish to buy the full version.

    I've used it a lot, and it's really easy to pick up.
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    Try go looking at they have TONS of free open source software. I think a lot of people have WAY to much time on there hands. But hey if I get free software what do I care.

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    well the gimp would work its photo shop like . . .

    Nothing is dificult to use if you know how to use it

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