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    Help Setting Up New Sytem With Nf7-s 2.0

    I'm putting together a new system with the follwing components:

    nf7-2 v2.0
    xp2100 tbred b (0249)
    twinmos/winbound pc3200 2x256
    lite-on 52x24x52 cdrw
    wd800jb hdd
    fortron 530w psu
    coolermaster atc 201 case

    This is my first build and need to know as to which order I should set up my system (os,drivers etc.) Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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    That's a nice setup. Personally, when starting from scratch I install in this order:
    [list=1][*]OS[*]Patches and security fixes[*]nForce drivers[*]Misc drivers - mouse, nic, etc.[*]DirectX[*]Video drivers[/list=1]
    Much of this is voodoo from attempts to get my 9700 pro to not stutter when I first got it but it works well for me There may be some specific winxp tricks people know about, e.g. "Fer goddsake don't install service pack X before X or you'll never be able to boot", but I'm still on 2k.

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