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    Gcc question . . .

    can someone direct me where I found out how to install 2 versions of gcc and how I take advantage of them.

    ex gcc 2.95 default
    and gcc 3.22 secondary
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    Does this answer your question:

    If not, maybe I'm unclear on what your trying to do.

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    What are you writing that necessitates two gcc versions? Must be pretty hardcore.

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    Maybe he's going to compile something that won't work with the newer version of gcc?

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    I was told by my freind (a comp sci major) that he seems to think that some programs are not tested with all versions of gcc wich seems logical enough. He recomended that if I update gcc that I make 2 installs. because slackware is supposed to be good about getting the right gcc version that is supposed to work with just about all programs. well I just finished a messy update to slackware 9 (it was a learning experience ) and looks like it comes with gcc 3.22 so im kinda doubting its really necessary to have 2.95 (8.1 standard gcc) around but idk. can anyone shed some light on this issue?

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    For some reason, I could have swore that Slackware 9 came with both versions, but I just checked my laptop and was wrong. I've been using 9 for a week or two now, and have compiled most of it by hand, and so far I haven't had any problems. I am willing to bet that unless you are trying to compile a really old program, most everything should work just fine, and since you updated to Slackware 9, everything that that you installed was compiled with 3.22, so anything new that you compile will interact with out any problems.

    So, all in all you should be ok.

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    2.95 is older and more compatible, but most everything works fine on 3.x. Everything on my system is built with gcc 3.x.

    I think you'll be fine with just one version.

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