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    Why the minimum word length limit in Search function?

    Why is there a minimum word length on your search function? It's so inconvenient sometimes, like just now when I want to search for something related to PFC in the PSU forum.

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    I'm not sure, but you can just use *pfc* as your search string to find it and that should work.

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    Because every letter we take off adds a LOT of space to the search database and wildcards work just as well. We put enough load on the hard drives(a LOT of load) and can't afford to put any more stress on the system for one more letter(nor afford the space either).

    Just use a wildcard.
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    Perhaps a comment about the wildcard technique could be added to the search page, then?
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    It's there, though it does not specify that you need that for less than four chars in it.
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