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    2100+ AIUHB date steppings overclock

    Im about to upgrade or really downgrade to upgrade and get a 2100+ AIUHB proc, and OC it, in a way that will slaughter my little 2200+.

    I have searched various forums to find which date stepping is the best out of the ones the carrys, and have been unable to find a definative ansewer and wanted to hear yalls opinion on these.

    0247 - they say that this is the best.




    Any experience or opinions will be greatly apprieciated.

    thanks alot.

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    0301 is considered the worst.... i have one and it does 2200 w/ 1.8v but wont do 2300 under any circumstances
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    I hear that the 0302's are doing well.
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    ive got a 307 but cant try it yet coz im waiting on my new NF7-S 2.0.. if it ever gets here...
    one of my mates has a 301 and he can get 2.3 @ 1.85v i think but he cant get 2.4 stable no matter what

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    i just hit 2.4 with my 1700 on my abit. hope you enjoy yours as much as i am!
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    This is my AIUHB 0301 2100+ at 2330. It's set in the BIOS at 1.8v and 166x14 until I can push the FSB higher.
    I've got it running at idle right now to keep the temps, but it does indeed do Prime at this speed. I'm running this on an Abit NF7 (no S, no M) 1.2 with a DDR voltage of either 2.7 or 2.8 (can't remember) and chipset voltage of 1.6. Since I have the ATX12v plug in, it's definitely pulling a lot off the 12v rail, it's running much lower than usual (usual is 11.92).

    I don't keep it at this speed, because it's 45C at idle, I clock it down to 166x13.5=2250, and it's fine at 43C. My cooling on it is a GlobalWin WBK68. I know the WBK68 is wussy for what I have, but I bought it for my 1800 Pally, and I just blew all my computer budget on the motherboard. My next step is to watercool (again) when I buy a new block and pump. I also have a _large_ Comair Rotron 24VDC fan mounted on top of the case, pushing >200 CFM of air through the case, it's usually 16C inside.

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    my old 2100+ that im selling was a 0250 and could do a little over 2.4ghz. This was on water and at 1.9vcore on a 8rda+

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    JIUHB 0308 is the worse...........compared to all

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    currently @ 205FSB X 11 multi, vcore 1.85, memory @ 2,3,3,7/3.2V. Hehheh, not sure what idle temp is anymore but load temp is 50c. Ran Prime 95 12 hrs, Memtest 12 hrs (6 errors). If I take the multi any higher, or the memory any lower all h*** breaks loose. Still trying to tweak more mgz out of the processor but seem to be running out of options, don't really want to go above 50c under load (stock speed/voltage load temp 32/4c)
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