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Thread: MoDDing cases

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    MoDDing cases

    i have a question when i mod a case can i use this dremel to cut my metal case its not aluminum.

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    it just dpends on which bit you are using, i am not sure which bit would be best for what you are cutting but that dremel will do that trick no problem , i got the same one. works great for lots of stuff.

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    thanks =D

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    If you're just going to be case modding you can probably get a cheaper one at HomeDepot or something like that. I have the Black and Decker one and it was only $35. The only thing you really need is cutting wheels, and a lot.

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    I'd also recommend the Black & Decker RTX - lot more powerful then the Dremel model.
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    supposedly the RTX is better....but I used a dremel to mod my antec case (steel) and it worked just fine.

    To cut it, you want to use the Fiberglass Reinforced Cut-Off wheels. Don't apply too much force, or you'll wear the wheel out faster and won't get as far. Just let the dremel do the work.

    For the future, if you have any case modding questions, post it in the Alternative Modding forum. The people there know a LOT about this stuff, so you'll get a better answer faster than in here. That forum has lots of information about modding......if you have a question, chances are someone has done it before, and can give you some good advice.

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    Dremel > *.

    Yup. A dremel is faster, and has a longer warranty. That's why i chose it over the other rotary tools Its more expensive though.

    That and it was recommended over the rest of the rotary tools by experienced modders like mnpctech

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    Luckily my dad already had a rotary tool when I decided to cut some holes in my case. I don't remember which one it is off the top of my head, but more than likely it's the Black & Decker one from home depot. Worked just fine, but I did use a lot of cutting wheels.

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    ok im thinking of buyign a jig-saw now since ppl say it cut like butter on steel and use my bro-inlaw. drill to drill a hole to start cutting what you guys think ?

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    Everything has its uses - a jigsaw is good for big cuts but its harder to control finely. Be prepared for corners that aren't sharp.

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    I got the bits for the dremel, then used them in a BIG DRILL!! Seriously!
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    what the cheapest... dremel or rotary tools you guys see ?

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