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    Help me pick a power supply

    OK I have been pulling my hair out trying to find a power supply. Here is my setup:

    Gigabyte Q8000 SIS 655 MB
    P4 2.4 B running up to 3.0GHZ
    ATI 9700 PRO
    2 Maxtor 120GB HD's
    EThernet Card
    512 MB DDR400 RAM
    I over clock up to 175 mhz fsb and also overclock the Vid Card. I have a generic 320watt powersupply which gives me trouble when I connect the 9700pro. I went to install winxp and I had to pull the card and replace it with a GEF2 in order to get the winxp installation to boot.

    I have found a sparkle 300W for $22 shipped but there is no part # and I'm not sure that is enough power. I want to spend as little as possible but understand that my computer is on 24/7 and I overclock/run games. Please recommend a PS and vendor.

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    Read the stickys above, particularly this one. According to that thread a 350W PSU should do as long as it is a quality PSU. The best according to larva are the Antec and Fortron/Sparkle PSUs.

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    sparkle 350 or 400 would do you well, along with any enermax or antec over 350 watts. Also the TT 420 would be good.

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