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    Svc molex splitters

    Ok I bought the svc molex splitters (one 4 pin to 2 4 pins) cause they were cheap. They get here and are very nice... solid build, thick gauge wire... one thing though... Svc has their cabling reversed (IE; 12v is red, 5v is yellow). Since it's reversed on both the inputs and the outputs, this means very little if you are actually using these cables as a Y splitter... just the cables are different colors... it still works fine, but if you are wiring a fan, well I've got 3, 5 volted fans (fortunately two I was going to 5 volt with a little adapter I've made anyway, this saves me the trouble.) So check to make sure the colors are right before you wire any fans with a molex Y... or you might be wasting a Y adapter.

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    I've noticed when I make adapters out of old 386 at cases that I run into the same thing, had to smokw a hard drive first though. Now I volt check all my mods.
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