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    i845PE or SIS655?

    I need a good mobo to my P4 3Ghz with HT, but shall not be to expensive, så granitebay and canterwood is out

    What do we have?
    I have to lock AGP/PCI and be stable and not having any temp problems like Abit BH7

    Please help me here i have found some boards

    Abit IT7-MAX2 v.2
    Asus P4PE Black Pearl
    EPoX EP-4PEA+
    Gigabyte SINXP1394
    And how about the PE chipset on Gigabyte please give me some feedback
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    In that price range I'd really wait a couple of weeks to see what the 865PE boards look like.

    The only place where the 845PE boards have an advantage is in the bargain range, like the Albatron and Abit BE7, or if you are using a Northwood A/400MHz processor that won't be supported by the 865.


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