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    Multiple Hard Drive Question

    Hello all,

    Currently I have a 40gig and 80gig plugged into an ATA133 controller card. On the second channel of the card I have my DVD+RW and CD-RW drives. There is nothing plugged into the motherboard.

    I need some more space, so would I have any problems plugging a third hard drive right into the board, or should I re-do my configuration?

    Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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    main HD goes on ide channel 1 and along with slave, and the cd-roms can go on any of the ports as well as the other hd

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    yup, but I dont think it really matters. It should still all work the same.
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    So let's say I bought a new HD, I could just plug it into the board and be fine? Trying to avoid redoing all software, etc.

    Right now nothing is in either channel of the board, so I'm just worried that the comp will try to boot from the mobo HD, but that'll be the new one just for storage.

    I'd want it to still boot from the master HD on the controller card.

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    It will work fine. You set the boot order in the bios.

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    Yerp. The computer looks to the BIOS to figure out which hard drive to boot from. So long as it's not set to boot from the new one, you're all set. Is there a technological limit to the number of hard drives a person can install, assuming unlimited power, space, and PCI slots?

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