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    Unlocking-xoxide Product

    Well I trust much but im not sure if this product for unlocking the multiplier works. I am sure it does but i just want to make sure since I haven't really heard about it.
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    me neither, would love to read some reviews/user inputs about this

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    I don't know if it works well, but I use this and it works great.
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    looks pretty simple and effective to me. And its easy to undo if you ever want to sell it on.
    Its a bit expensive though, not insane but you can do it yourself cheaper, its just getting the nack to do it.

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    Well its only 8 dollars more than other kits and its only like 3 steps...take hs off...apply thermal tape...put hs back on

    plus it would be the first time for me unlocking and this seems pretty easy

    also considering its out of stock at the site...

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