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    TI4200 Too Hot - I need advice, please.

    I have a PNY Ti4200 128MB AGP 8X. Bought retail, less than 3 months ago. 43.45 Drivers. Dual monitors.

    Before I even set uo the dual monitors this card ran way too hot. After figuring out that this card didn't OC worth anything, I just decided to run at stock. I was getting mad artifacts at stock, so I checked the temp of the back side of the GPU with my finger. OOOUUUCCCHHH! It was burning hot. I decided to replace the stock cooling. I then put on a TT copper cooler with AS3. However, when applying the new sink, I noticed that the GPU is fairly concave. I had to load up the middle of the die with compound just to get decent contact. Is this normal?

    Now, even with the new cooler the back of the GPU is hot as heck, and I still get artifacts playing Quake III at stock speeds.

    All of this said, here are my questions:

    - I would like to rid myself of this card. Will NVIDIA or PNY work with me as far as replacing the card? Even though I replaced the stock cooling?

    - Does anybody have any advice on how to fix my situation? I've already set a fan on the backside and it doesn't help.

    Any advice/help appreciated. Thanks.

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    wow, I guess you're pretty rare... that it would get that hot at stock, how many fans you have in your case? umm can't really give you much advice but there are vga cooler that could cool front and back, I know Fry's sells them. Could try that.
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    Concave NV25 GPU is normal. Lap it with sandpaper till its flat. Lapping the downside of your heatsink could also help.

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    lol i think your pny geforce 4 have problems, not just the major cooling, it might be something else.
    how many watt is your psu??
    and the warrantly for pny will be volid IF you attempt to modify the card

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    I would put the stock cooling back on and RMA to where you bought it from, if it is still with in the time limit or RMA it to PNY. I hope you saved the stock cooling... Also when you put the stock cooler back on use the white thermal paste that most likely came with the TT copper cooler.
    That is my 2 cents
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    Once he changed the heatsink, the warranty was already voided.

    I took some 600 grit sandpaper and dry sanded the gpu. I would stroke a few times then check it. When it started to scratch the center of the gpu, that's where I stopped.

    Would be perfect if I hadn't killed my CPU by tightening it's holddown clamp too far
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    Thanks for all of the advice. I bought a Chaintech TI-4800 SE. End of problem. I really like this card. I tried to switch to ATI, but I had bad experiences. Then I bought a FX 5200 Ultra and it sucked. Finally I bought the 4800 and I am happy with it. I like the NView setup (dual CRTs), but it crashes Windows Explorer and MSN if I let the computer go into Standby. This issue stinks, but other than that I am really happy.

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    maybe you can flash the bios for your geforce 4 ti4800..maybe that will solve your dual CRT problem
    here is the link

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    Can i have your 4200? If you still have it that is....

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    Sorry, knocked a resistor off when trying to remove the TT sink for like the millionth time. If you still want it, let me know.

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