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    Question best drivers & tweaks/bios for 9700pro?

    Out with the old & in with the new. the 9700pro's are coming down, i got 1 from OCsystem for $270 so its byebye to my 4200ti . I hit just under 15000/3DMark with her & now im looking for tips for the pro. (I love this sh#t) any ideas would be great, thanks.

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    I recommend this driver from Omega. Has the best visual driver's that i know of. It's not geared towards benches but still does well.

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    yeah definatly the omegas for quality. if you want every last bit of performance - go for the cat 3.2's

    also, download rage3d's tweak. lots of options to get every last drop of performance out of your card.

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    i like the cat 3.3's from dell.
    yes they was cancelled but the 9800pro drivers run great on my 9700np.
    i use rage3d tweak also.

    bios i use mufus 9700pro bios.i think it was linked from rage3d's forums but i do know phobmx should know where to point you if you cant find it. just pm him im sure he wont mind.

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    If I was looking to run some 9800 drivers on my 9700 Pro, would it work, and would there be any real performance gain?
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    ive not personally sat down and tested the 2 head to head but its a good idea i need to do.
    yeh it works fine for me.
    ive read the drivers are more performance optimised for the 9800pro driver. but as soon as the new cats it it should have that done to the 9700 drivers also.

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    I Checked out the omega drivers and it said that there is a hack to make your 9500/pro or 9700/pro card into a 9800/pro.

    Can anyone tell me if this would hurt, or only make the card better/faster? Has anyone done this "hack" w/success? Do tell

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