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Thread: P2 overclocking

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    P2 overclocking

    Is it unusuall that a P2 350 runs @ 133 FSB?

    my 350 is running @ 3.5 x 133 right now @ 466 Mhz.. I think thats a pretty good OC for this considering its as high as SoftFSB will go :P

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    Wow, some "vintage" overclocking!

    Hehe, I ran all my PII 350 between 450 and 500Mhz. So you
    are right in there.

    There is a way to unlock the multiplier on those procs by the
    way. I wrote an article or two about it years ago. If you have
    a good motherboard that lets you adjust the Multiplier, you might
    be able to do some more out of it!
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    I got a P2 350 that does that too (133FSB)....
    very good overclock.
    multiplier came unlocked from the factory also and its not an ES

    its my little gem

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