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    T-Bird "Pen" help

    I heard that there was a pen that you can get to "connect the dots". All the auto part stores only have a paint. I have tried the paint and it is a pain in the *ss. Does anyone have the name or the sku number or just a pen that they can send me and I will send it back.
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    i certainly agree with you on the rear defroster kit ... geezzz ... i would first try the 'pencil' trick to reconnect the L1 bridges .... a mechanical pencil is the easiest to use but i have had the best results with a good ole fashion standard pencil .... just make sure that the you don't short one bridge to the other ... if you are not sure erase it and start over or separate the bridges using a small knife or other .... the pen you are looking for is a silver - conductive pen ..... best of luck finding one without ordering it ......

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    Check with any local electronics store (except Radio Shack...they don't seem to carry them) and ask for a Circuitworks Conductive Pen, model CW2200STP (or MTP). They are used to trace electrical connections on circuitboards.

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