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Thread: case fan holes

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    case fan holes

    A holesaw is the better way to go dremals & diegrinders are good tools but they are used more for grinding & notching then cutting shapes , not to say it cant be done , if thats all you have then use but i siggest removing EVERYTHING from your case then blow/vac your case out when finished, turn the case over a few times to make sure its clean. if you have a drill get a 3inch holesaw= 80mm fan/3.5=94mm/4=120mm , tape off where you want the hole mainly to mark the hole use the holesaw for a templet , centerpunch (a nail is good if you dont have a punch) thats so the drill dosnt walk then use the fan to mark to screw holes , clean the edges with the dremal & elongate the screw holes that are off( they will be) if you cant or dont want to remove everything from the case( i siggest you do) rap a damp rag around the holesaw and go slow dont go too fast or rap the rag too tight (or it will grab) if its a steel case put a magnet near the holesaw. but i must stress remove everything ,it only takes 30 to 45 min to diss & reassemble you rig instead of wating for replacment parts , happy moding if you need any help you know where i live haha, so you know im not talking out me a** ive been making a living as a metal faracator for 15 years before that i built & raced my own drag car & bikes as a hobby . later.

    sorry this was ment to be a reply to a earlyer thread by amino on case fan holes ( da i hit da wrong buttin)
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