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    Question HS in the back of the card

    HI, I need help cuz my geforce 4 ti 4800SE run FREAKING HOT!!! and I moded the front of the card wiht a great heatsing and rasingcs and all that other stuff; I've done it B 4 so im not a newB on that but the the back of the GPU is soo hot that if you touch it it burns you in 3 secs so I saw that alot of you guys put HS on the back and I wanna do that so I wanna know if can just put regular Thermal paste (not the adheseive one) on it so transfer the heat to the HS and hold it with something else, or use the adhesive one.

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    I would use thermal epoxy if you have it, otherwise you can use thermal compound with some super glue.
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    I use high quality 5 minutes epoxy (Araldite brand) and a small but tall heatsink (1cm X 1cm X 5cm). Epoxied both parts, and let it cure for 24 hours. Be carefull with Artic Allumina Epoxy, it may have conductive agents inside.

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