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    Mail in Rebate Question

    I've been reading up on some of the great deals especially some at Office Max and I'm a little confused on some of the rebates. Some of the products have you send rebates to the manufacturer and store(let's say OfficeMax) and they both want the original UPC code. How does that work??? And one more thing, I've been reading about Office Max giving a 30 dollar rebate when you purchase 150 dollars worth of stuff. Does this apply to the stores or just to the internet orders. Thanks in advance for any responses.

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    You have to have a coupon code and use it when you place an order. It's like an instant rebate. For more details try going to
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    Yeah the 30 off 150 is usually coupon codes. You could get them by signing up with the store. The UPC thing usually the manufacture requires the real UPC and you can send a copy to the store.

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    Try here too DEALCOUPON


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