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    Global Win Tak 58

    Ok quick question, did a search for tak58 but found nothing.
    On this tak 58 super silent there are 2 fans mounted on the sides.

    both fans are blowing air on to heatsink which in my eyes seems wierd.(see below)

    FAN --> Heatsink<-- FAN

    surley this is not optimum airflow?
    would it not be better to have one blowing air at heatsink and other extracting air from heatsink and thus causeing an air flow across heatsink..

    FAN --> Heatsink FAN -->
    anyone have experience with this heatsink fan combo?

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    Who knows. They may have done something in the design to channel the air back up...

    I mean you would hope any company, let alone one with a tradition of Global Win would do some research.

    *sigh* bound to be a reason for it... Buy one and try it for yourself LoL!
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    on the pic there's a block in the middle of the heatsink so the air from one fan doesnt go all the way thru.

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