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    Angry Help! Slow read times with New Cendyne DVD writer

    I first noticed this when putting a disc into the drive. It takes twice as long for the dialog box to pop up with the Cendyne when compared to my 3 1\2 year old pioneer DVD Rom. I ran the Sandra DVD benchmark and it got a 1925 Kb/s transfer rate and it shows it is reading at 2x. The Cendyne is supposed to be able to read DVD's at a max of 12X compared to my old pioneer which is only rated at 5X. What gives? Is this Cendyne defective?
    It shows to be using UDMA2. I've tried it without Application Accelerator and with it but there is no difference.
    Any help would be appreciated. Otherwise I guess I'll be sending it back.

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    12X is that maximum it can read. It's a tricky marketing ploy that's been going for years and years with CD Rom drives. Another explaination is that the disk is bad, but that's more or less a guess.

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    Check to see if DMA is enabled on the drive. If it is PIO mode that causes horrible performance for drives.
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    Thanks for the replys. Yes DMA shows to be enabled.

    I went to the Cendyne website yesterday and filled out their
    Online Customer Support Form and amazingly I got a response back last night. They told me to provide my shipping address, etc. and they would issue me an RMA # so I could send it back to them. I contacted Staples this morning and told them about the problem and they are going to pick it up and give me a refund.

    Oh well, guess I'll be looking around for another good deal on a
    DVD writer.

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