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    Question System Questions

    Hello all, I have been reading the boards for about the past month and a half or so. It amazing as to what can be learned here so I decided to jump in the 'kiddy' end of the pool and begin my adventure with extreme cooling. I would appreciate some aid and or guidance with my future project. Maybe I can get some recommendations if the system I intend to build can be tweaked, modded or whatever you would recommend. I dont know anything really from prior knowledge so I have been writing a lot down and trying to learn as I go approach here. I have already read most of the guides listed here or linked to as well. Im an absolute newb when it comes to O/C, but I assume even the greats had to start somewhere. Thanks for any help or advice in advance.

    Here are the specs for the system I intend to build:
    PCU- 2.8 Pentium 4 800 Mhz
    MB- Asus P4C800 Deluxe
    Vid- ATI OEM Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro 256
    Sound- Creative labs- Audigy 2.0
    Case- Vapochill PE (Black/Titanium)
    Ram- 2x512 Corsair 32MX8 pc3500 C2 w. plat heat spreader
    Cd-Rom- Asus-CD-S520 52x (Black)
    Floppy- Sony 1.44MB 3.5inch (Black, for kicks)
    PSU- 550 Antex

    Please go easy on the newb. Im just trying to get some advice for the system. This will be my first real 'cooler' rig.

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    Hard Disk Drive?
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    Sorry bought that a bit ago when I saw it on sale....kinda slipped my mind

    Hard drive- West Dig 120gig 7200/ 8mb cache

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    Well, for a first time I'd go with a nice heatsink. A vapochill would be kinda hard to install for a first timer. But, if you wanna try it, go for it.

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    you must have some money if thats your first time system

    Wot exactly do you need to know?

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    Not really the first system I have ever owned. Just my first real attempt here at any 'superior' cooling. Will build the vapo with caution, thanks for the warning.

    The money issue is so-so. I just happened to make some extra this quarter so decided I would get myself something for the gaming summer season (Eq addict). The computer needed to be upgraded so I decided I would start to research and learn more about it. Like I said I have been reading all the boards here and at Asetek to get the inside scoop on Vapochill and the products.

    My main question was regarding if anyone forsees any complications concerning the system as far as overall compatability...the only one issue that I saw was in the MB. I may opt for the Abit IC7-G, due to Asus's low track record regarding the P4C800 & vap combination....not sure if anyone had a vapo-sys up and running with a recommendation for me.

    Also, was wondering if added fans needed to be purchased or if the fans with the vapo case would suffice (Any recommendations on those would help as well).

    Any other advice or concerns, to make this system better or to avoid a hassle would be appreciate.

    Thanks again to all that posted

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    Just a couple of things. No CD burner? Considering the $$ your spending you should have a CD burner and a DVD player if not a DVD burner.

    Never played with the vapochill but I think it can get a little complex to set up. Not saying don't do it, just make sure you study up

    The Vid is arguably the best as is the Ram and PSU.
    The rest I can not advise on cause I'm a AMD fan ).
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    Yeah burner seems like a good idea in this case, that way I can always burn back up information to disk. Well worth the extra coin, and it isn't all that pricy.

    I'll be sure to do my Homework on the Vapo....I been looking at all the step by step installation guides listed within the forum. I even checked some here and there on the WWW, so far seems on the semi-difficult side. Most people take 2 hrs...I assume will take me 5-7.

    Anyone know if those guides are all up to date on the latest VapoChill PE? I saw one on Tom's Hardware to, as a guide. I'm sure between the various guides I can struggle my way through it, along with the trusty instruction manual.

    Anyone tackle one of these vapo's before? Im pretty newbie to installation, but hell I'm willing to give it a go. May be a little over my head, but may as well stick my feet in the deep end on one aspect of this project. Just hope I don't get too over my head here.

    Thanks again for all the posts....Any feedback for this system is welcome. Really appreciate the input.

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