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    antec 1080amg question

    anyone know how to remove the harddrive/floppy trays from this case? i have a heater core that will fit perfectly, but i can't take out these trays because the screws are something i have never seen before. it's kinda hard to describe what they look like, but i can't fit any screwdrivers into the holes.

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    I am guessing you are talking about hex screws. They have 3 slots rather than one or two so you are probably going to need some hex screwdrivers I think they have them at Sears for cheap (not sure). But more description from you would help.

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    Isnt there just a lever that you pull on and they release? I don't think they are even screwed in.

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    i think the lever thing is on chieftec cases only? i have one and its great.
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    The actual cage comes off with the lever release but the platform it rests on is riveted on. You have to drill out the rivets. I can't remember what size bit exactly but use one just big enough for the inner part of the rivet.
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