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    Unhappy Newby overclocker...Help

    I have been reading this forum for about a week now. I have learned a thing or two but I still have some questions.

    Let me start with my system I have a A7N8X delux ver 2.0, Barton 2500+ with corsair XMS 2700 512m. Also I have a WD 80g hd its the 8mb cache one. I'm running XP with an nvidia Ti4200.

    Currently I have it oc'd to 2.125 170X12.5. I can't help but want more. I see that on the CPU data base people are running 2.4-2.5 aircooled. I have the coolermaster aero7 HSF. Do you think I can get 200FSB out of my ram? Or should I get 3200 ram. Do I need to change the jumpers on the mb? Currently the jumpers are for 266/333.

    Also I wish I could get higher multipliers on my bios without having to alter my chip. If I upgrade the bios will this change? currently 12.5 is the highest. I see other values but if I choose them the system clocks under a gig. Does anyone with this mb and processor config have hight multi's available? Like 14-15x?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    If you want 2.4+ on air, you'll need high end air. Look into getting a SLK900 and a monster fan to blow on it. As for the ram, see how high you can get it to go. If it won't do 200, then go and get some 3200 sticks.
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    Why is the SLK 900 so great? I think the aero7 is pretty nice and a better fan design then others. The HS seem to be well made.

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    The slk 900 is the best air cooling heatsink out right now.

    Yes my slk 800 is very great IMO.

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    yes the slk 900 is THE BEST, but i think the aero 7 is pretty good too. I think a really really good combination would be an SLK-800 and a Thermal Take smt Fan 2

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    Before you buy a new heatsink, what is current CPU temp at 100% load? Most people recommend staying below 50C. This will let you know if you need to consider replacing the heatsink or not.

    As for your memory, the only way to know for sure is try. Lower the multiplier to 9x or 10x (so that your CPU speed is not the limiting factor) and raise the FSB in like 5 MHz steps. Then run MemTest at each 5 MHz step, and see if your memory can handle the speed. Of course, you may need to increase the memory voltage a little to get the most out of it.
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    As edward said, single out the memory with a low multiplier, and see where the memory begins to crap out. I seriously doubt you will hit 200Mhz FSB with PC2700, but it is possible. If you cannot go that high and you really have your heart set on that FSB speed, then I would suggest investing in some high quality Corsair PC3200 or PC3500, and really getting the FSB up there and seeing some really high memory bandwidth. Good luck man.
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    The Corsair 2700 should be able to reach 200mhz. I don't think it would be worth it for you to get PC3200, unless you wanted over 220. What you have to do to get high fsb's on nForce2 mobo's is remove the FSB jumper entirely. For some reason simply having it there on anything vastly limits your fsb. Your cooling may end up getting in your way, but first I suggest trying to reach 200mhz fsb. Lower it down a little, perhaps to 10x. Once you hit 200, you won't need higher multipliers. Play around with the vDDR and RAM timings. You should get up to 200 with a little tweaking.
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