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Thread: LED sizes

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    LED sizes

    wondering if i was were to replace LED in my keyboard, case, and ooptical drives, what sizes should i be looking at? and wat was the voltage that i need that does not require a special volt mod that i can just plug in?

    any recommended places for super bright ones that have other useful items i can buy so i can save on shipping?

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    shop around., there wasn another one that had a weird german-sounding name, i forget though.

    standard led size is 3mm, but open up whatever youre gonna replace and measure it.

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    i have blue LED MS keyboard...

    i use regular blue LED for mod, (same size of old green LEDs)
    i remove the old ones, and soldered new ones... thats all...

    i don't know what is the voltage of them, but they lookin' bright enough...

    blue LEDs can builded 4 different voltage,
    don't forget to ask when u buy...

    u need 5 volt LED's i think...

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    Most keyboards use 3mm. the mouse should be 5mm and drives usually defer from 3mm to SMT leds (small rectangular shaped LEDs. exabytes has the cheapest Ive seen.

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