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Thread: A7v 266-e

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    A7v 266-e

    I have the asus A7V266-E motherboard with c-media sound built in........ I also have a old soundblaster-live value sound card I bought in 1998 or so...... Would this built in sound on my motherboard be better than the PCI add on card? any info would be nice

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    The PCI SOUND BLASTER LIVE is much better

    Only the SOUNDSTORM on those Nforce2 boards can match with soundblaster Live series
    And C-media is like few levels below SoundStorm

    added: But when I modded my soundblaster Live to Audigy ( softmod) the sound improved a lot. From there I dont think Soundstorm can be better, so keep your soundblaster Live and update the software.
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    modded my soundblaster Live to Audigy ???????????

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