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    What is the Vcc voltage?

    For a while I have been thinking the DDR voltage and the Vcc voltage were the same thing. However, I just noticed in my bios the DDR voltage has a default of 2.6v while the Vcc label says "Vcc(+2.5v)". Could someone explain what Vcc is and also if it is indeed not the same as DDR voltage, how can I get the actual measurement of the DDR voltage? Motherboard monitor only has two voltages listed other than the +12, +5, etc. They are at 1.74 and 2.73. I know the 1.74v is the cpu and the 2.73 is the Vcc because the bios says that as well. Thanks for the help.

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    speaking of which, why do I have two core voltage readings? one is my 1.775v, and one is always around like 1.5v (xp 2100+ @2400mhz)

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    Might be the chipset voltage, sometimes other voltages are set in relation to it, so changing it raises DDR and AGP and IO.
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    the VCC is the voltage that all of the stuff like the clock generator run off of. it's not the DDR voltage.
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    if you are talking about the NF7 the DDR is read as the VCC
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