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    Question refurbished newegg cards good?

    has anyone had experience with newegg refurbished radeon 9500-9800 series cards? the prices are great but i'm worried about whether there might be artifacts and such wrong with the cards or they were returned because they couldn't overclock well, my power supply is newegg refurbed and it works great, didn't come with anything though - just a bare psu but that's fine.
    any thoughts?

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    I got my GF4MX440 from newegg refrub, works great and overclocks like mad.

    but each card is different, since it is a refurb section. All you c an do is take your chance, if your not comfortable with taking the chance then get a cheaper retail, or save up for the retail card.

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    I got an 8500le that would artifact with just the ASUS A7N8X-DD right from the bios posting and in windows at any speed. In all other boards it work fine.

    I got a dead KX7-R or KD7-R can't remeber.

    Gotten lots of stuff that was fine. You take your chances, but things usually work out well. I would NOT go for a 9500 np in hopes it softmods tho.
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    So all my MX440 cards ( 3 of them) were great. Now iam waiting for the 9700 np to arrive and see. ( should be here by wednesday, lately newegg kind of slow on shipping)
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    Yep, you can't expect a 9500np from the refurb section to softmod. In all likelihood, some dummy bought it and then RMAed it when it wouldn't softmod. I got my 9500np from the refurbs, and it overclocks pretty well.

    I've also bought several GF3s, a Radeon 8500LE, a GF4, and numerous mobos. I've never gotten anything from Newegg that was dead, expect for the fan on my MX440. That eventually killed the card.

    You'll most likely get something that works from the refurb bin.

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    I just bought a sapphire 9500np from them. I'm going to try the softmod. Maybe I'll have some luck, but prolly won't.. We'll see.

    At any rate for $111 It will be a nice upgrade from a gf3.
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    great deals, i think i'll wait for the prices to drop on the 9700pro then snag a refurb , kevinN please update us on the outcome of the 9700np when you get it

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