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    Can I use this fan with the SLK-900U?

    Hey guys after all looks like the stock HSF on the P4 3.0c does not help much at all when overclocking so I'll be buying the SLK-900U heatsink and I want to know if this fan will work with it just fine. Or which one would be the best fan to get for this heatsink.

    Below is the link to the fan I want to buy for the SLK-900U.

    Vantec Tornado TD9238H

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    this should be in cooling section.

    the fan will work fine but is very exspensive for a fan and is loud as fawk hence the name tornado. 119cfm is great but you will lose your hearing. anything fan that will put out 50cfm range is plenty with the slk900u.

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    Well in that case it can't really be that much louder than my current fan on my Volcano 9 heatsink.

    Volcano 9

    And according to what you are saying the fan on that volcano 9 should be good for the SLK-900U. I wonder if I can mount that fan without problems on the SLK-900U though.

    Although that Volcano 9 is not doing much for my XP 2200+ really... Or maybe my chip just plain sux cause it gets like 49C under full load at 2Ghz and is just not stable. at 1.92Ghz is perfectly stable though and it still gets to 47C.
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    AMD are known to run hotter due to the high vcore. the volcano HS isnt as good as the slk900u so dont blame the fan for that.

    yes the volcano9 fan will work just fine.

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