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    Memory problems on A7N8X

    I have an Asus A7N8X rev 2.0 and 2 x 512 MB Twinmos/Twinmos PC3200 Memory. When I leave the FSB at 166 and the memory at 200 Mhz, I get Prime95 fatal errors, even at very low timings (2,5-4-4-10) and wih a bit higher Voltage. I also lowered the CPU multiplier and have the latest non-Uber Bios.

    With 1 memory plugged in the system I also get Prime95 errors but less frequent.

    I tested the memory on an A7V8X-X and it looks rock stable at 200 Mhz.

    My system is stable at around 185 Mhz Memory but this is below spec (PC3200). Anyone has any suggestions?? Looks like a Memory - mobo conflict...

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    Have you tried running memtest86 yet?
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    i'm sure your memory is error free, this board is picky about what memory you use, if you get errors in memtest86 that will tell you that the board doesn't like the memory OR that the memory actually has errors, most of the time there is nothing wrong with the memory at all...

    i've also seen many ppl get errors like you have when running mem at higher freq then fsb

    you should set your mem to 100% so it will run in SYNC with the fsb which is actually better for performance, better to run fsb/mem at 166/166 than to run it at 166/200
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