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    best performance 20GB HDD

    Which 20GB Harddrive has the best speed and performance? im looking to build a gaming pc that i will overclock. Its my first attempt at overclocking so i didnt buy the top notch components. Heres wut i have:

    Soyo SY-7VDA
    1.1Ghz Celeron
    128mb pc 2100 DDR
    Radeon 9000 pro @ 315/315

    The only things i need are the harddrive and some more memory. I figured that i'll use a network drive for media files and keep the gaming pc clean of unnecessary files.

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    Well, most 20gb hard drives are of the last generation, so they AREN'T top of the line. So don't buy a $45 20gb 5400rpm hard drive when you could buy a 7200rpm 40gb hard drive for $55 or a 40gb 7200rpm 8mb cache hard drive for $65 or an 80gb 7200rpm 8mb cache hard drive for $80.

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