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    CG7 won't even boot!

    HI there fellows!
    Need help really badly !

    I bought myself a new IC7 and P4 2.6c with some RAM and set it up. It wasn't a great o/c so I thought of flashing a BIOS to improve on stability perhaps.

    Well you know the rest... Something went wrong.

    First thing I didn't set my old BIOS to defaults before... Flashing past like a charm, no problems no errors nothing. It flashed it great. I read on ABIT homepage that you should clear the CMOS after you flash BIOS. So after a reboot I held the power button for 5 sec to turn off the computer.

    I cleared the CMOS turned my comp on...

    Everything is turning on, fans, CD-Drives, Harddrive ( not floppy, I can't hear it or see the diod flash ), but my monitor stays black
    and the diod on monitor is the one flashing ( like when you leave your comp for a 20 min and monitor goes black )

    Then I tried something else:
    I took out battery, all the ATX cables and waited for 2-3 min and put in battery and then cables
    ( didn't touch CMOS jumper )
    but nothing happened =(

    Comp doesn't respond to anything ( pressing buttons and stuff ) not even Ctrl+Alt+Del. You can open and close CD-drives ( didn't try putting any CD in them ).
    After I hear HD work at the startup its diod will stay litted for a few minutes and first then it will turn off.

    Well this is all. I sure hope someone can be able to help me put with something! I really am desperate right now =(

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I forgot to add that tere are no beeps at all.
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    sounds like a bad flash, or def bios chip.. if you can get it to semi boot try to flash it again. if not you may want to call abit support cause u may have to get them to send u a new bios chip. goodluck flapperhead

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    Un-plug the box from power. Reset CMOS for 5 min. Put CMOS jumper back. Connect back to power & start.

    If that didn't 'get it', reflash CMOS and when it says update complete, press F1 to re-start, instead kill power here (NOT at anytime before it says flashing is COMPLETE). By the switch or un-plug and reset CMOS again as described above.

    This is what I do and have great results.....

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