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    Is the Hercules Game Theater XP 6.1 any good?

    Im thinking of getting one for $50 shipped, & Im not sure of how good it is. Any reviews or comments? Thanks

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    Re: Is the Hercules Game Theater XP 6.1 any good?

    Originally posted by Ununquadium114
    Im thinking of getting one for $50 shipped, & Im not sure of how good it is. Any reviews or comments? Thanks
    i had one, and i was more impressed with the sound of my s.b.extigy, so, i sold the game theater xp for 70 bucks to a friend......since then, i seem to miss the convienient usb's on the box, and the good headphone amplifier it has. i also wish i had that port for my joystick motherboard doesn't have a game port....he he

    so, i miss my gtxp, but i will never get rid of the extigy, unless i go with a better card some day.

    i found that the gtxp's sound was great for gaming, and even for movies, but not so great with music, so, this will depend on what you will need the sound card for. are you into music exclusively, or are you maybe a hardcore gamer?

    i would also like to add that i would gladly pay 50 bucks for the GTXP...just to have one again...50 bucks seems like a deal.

    download the latest drivers, and it is a gtxp 7.1

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    I love mine, I think this is the best sound card I've had the pleasure of using. The rack is extremely convenient for headphones and USB ports. The sound quality is great and the utility for the GameTheater is simple but very useful. I'd say for $50 this would be an excellent buy.


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    im jsut going to use it as an upgrade from my onboard p4c800 sound

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    I have one, its honestly the best soundcard Ive ever had.

    It really reduces clutter around the computer by moving my stero wires away from it, and the sound quality is wonderful.
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    i have one, but since my desktop is dead, i can't use it. But i love it anyways, its great! The External box is sweet, and 7.1 is pretty cool. i paid around $100 for mine, but for $50 thats a great deal. I've never really had any problems with it. One thing i didn't like is that you must have the box in order to have any sound, it makes traveling more tedious. For $50 i'd definatly go for it
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