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    Third cpu up and running.

    I put my spare parts (plus a few bought) together yesterday and today I got my third processor up and running. A 1800xp @ only 1610 as I have probs overclocking this and I cant be bothered at the moment.

    Thats 5810MHZ of processing power up and running.

    I had problems setting up my network and remote desktop today and lost 2 WU's, but its all go now.

    dunno if I'll go yellow still tho...

    Fold on.
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    Nice! We need the extra power right now, to make up the 10kppd gap between us and OCAU

    Tried unlocking the 1800+?
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    nice, another good ppw producing AMD is always a good addition

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    Dont worry about the OC, every lill bit helps the cause & team...

    Fold-eth on...
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    350 w Sparkle PS.

    Got Heat

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    great job. I also got my dually back online. I feel great now

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    Just think, if you'd spent 10 hours messing with the overclock and hardly got anywhere then that'd be 10 hours it wouldn't have been folding so you're ahead at the moment!

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