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    Attack of the little red me!!

    Today, I noticed this little red dot on my laptop screen it is so annoying. Its not a peice of dust or anything, I know that. It is there no matter what program I am using. Maybe a burnt out pixel?? I am not really sure. The wierdest part is that when i move a window over it, it kind of moves a bit. Very strange. It is really annoying me, I can't take it. Any help would be appreciated.


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    You have a stuck red pixel.

    Active matrix LCD displays are typicaly composed of three layers of LCD panels, one layer for each of the RGB colours.

    When failing, a pixel sub element may either become stuck on or off.

    A stuck off pixel will appear dark on a white screen, where a stuck on pixel will be bright on a dark screen.

    Why the stuck pel appears to change or move as you move a window thru it, is becuase the illumination for its neighbors change.


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    From what I remember, you can't easily get it fixed (if at all) without replacing the whole screen. Most manufacturers guarantee their screens only to a certain number of bad pixels, i.e. 5 or so.
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    That would be incredibly annoying, but would cost a lot of money to fix I am sure...that sucks man...
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    Ah another LCD dead pixel, if it's brand new then you may be able to exchange it, if not, you have to learn to live with it.

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    So how about the LCD companies include a utility to find and turn off these stuck pixels? I can't imagine it would be that hard. And I'm sure an OFF pixel would be less annoying than a red one.

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    It's not

    My sisters laptop has a stuck 'off' pixel, and a little black dot is just as irritating, trust me

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    you may try massaging the screen around that pixel, it has been said to fix it sometimes. sometime's its just a lazy subpixel, and will eventually fix itself. i had a pixel stuck at red, but as i was reading your post, i just noticed that it fixed itself.

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    By some red sunglasses and cope

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    i say u get 4 more somehow and get it replaced

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    Check your warranty (if it's still in warranty that is) what kind of rules they have..

    If you're lucky you can return it and get a new one..

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    If its not under warranty then slowly and lightly try to massage the area of the dead pixel (no you are not trying to soothe its tension so dont ouse any oils or such)

    It has worked before

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