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    Good fan for the p4 2.4c?

    Im going to be ordering the cpu and mobo soon what fan should I get? not something super spencive but not really cheap like a stock fan..

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    don't you mean hsf(heatsink and fan)???? and umm i use a thermal take hsf they make good ones so i'd check out there solutions for something that is cheap but make sure its atleast got a copper base.

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    yeah I do mean hsf but Im a newbie to these boards hehe

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    the Intel HSF is pretty good and you can get a decent OC with it

    check the heatsink roundup to help you decide which aftermarket HS to go with

    Alpha PALxxxx
    SwiftTech MCX400
    -just to name a few

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    If cheap and good performing is what you're after, I'd recommend the Thermaltake Volcano 7.

    It has 3 speed settings on the fan, allowing you some quite time when not pushing the CPU

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    there is also the Zalman 7000cu all-copper which i decided to go with for my 2.4C. i can't give ya temps yet, cause i'm still waiting for my Artic Silver 3, but there are about 4 popular ones i've read about. the most popular seems to be the SLK900 with a 92mm fan that pushes about 60-70cfm's at about 35db.

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