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    OC System 9700 video card cooling kit

    anyone use this cooling heatsink for their card? I wonder how much more effiecent it would be over something like the Thermaltake Crystal Orb. Anyone know of a review or have personal experience with this cooling heatsink from ocsystem?

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    I don't have any personal experience with this heatsink but I know that this is the same heatsink that the Tachyon 9700 pro cards use. It can't be bad but you might want to check with people that have the Tachyon 9700 pro to find out how good it really is.

    The nice thing is that since the Tachyon 9700 pros have temperature monitoring, a person that has this card could tell you EXACTLY how good this heatsink is.

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    Ok, i've personally used it and it does a whole lot better than my current vantec iceberq4 on a ati 9700np (pro). Temps from the cooler gave me 33C to 45C load ( maxed out settings), while my iceberq4 gives me 40C idle with 59C! load. It is very hot right now (assuming 3_C ambient) and the cards aren't tested with same conditions. When i had that ocsystem cooler it was about 21C ambient or so (big difference). Oh, by the way, there is litterally no cooling on the memory modules. The aluminum casing is elevated with little sponges on the memory chips to prevent core cracking. I didn't notice this at first and came close to cracking the core. But oh well. The back side is the only plate that touches the memory modules (it shouldn't but i forced it to). I'd say that it isn't a bad cooler, but it is still better than the iceberq4.

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    Umm well you had/have 10C difference when these were tested, so the vantec isnt near as bad as it looks, either one should be better then stock, the crystal orb will not be sufficient cooling for the 9700.
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