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    KT600= What a joke!

    VIA has yet again managed to over hype a chipset and spoil what they claim to be a motherboard for entusiasts. No PCI lock and is slower than the NF2... check out this review of the epox:
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    you think they woulda learned

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    VIA's failure in the KT-400 chipset, (allowing stable 200mhz FSB) has been it's archielles heel (misspelled ofcourse). Figuring that VIA has opted for the KT-400a, inwhich the 1/6 divider would be implemented, the motherboard manufacturers have instead held out and waited for the KT-600. Even with the anouncement and full production of the chipset by VIA, Mobo makers are realizing what the bottom line is on this... making the kt-600 for a very niche market would very will me a reduce income earnings for those that actually manufacture this chipset (ie Gigabyte's KT600 board). Competing with the Nforce2 board from Nvidia has infact pooled mobo makers to produce and continue production of this chipset (abiet the BIOS failure rate). I believe when compare apples to oranges, VIA has let the ball fall from their court. Mass marketing two variations of the chipset (kt-400a/kt-600a) has done nothing more than raise the red flag on mobo makers (ASUS, ABIT, Chaintech) with Epox and Gigabyte being the exception. I was a very proud owner of VIA boards (KT133 and up to KT400) however, there will be another revision of the KT-600 before mobo makers take the bit... or before consumers (enthusiast like us) take the bait. Take this quote from to heart...
    "As a reference, we’ve been able to easily reach over 220MHz FSB with several nForce2 Ultra 400 motherboards, due in part to the ability of these motherboards to lock the AGP and PCI buses. AGP/PCI bus locking is commonplace now and is what will continue to hold back VIA chipset-based motherboards from winning over overclocker’s hearts."
    Finally, there wil be those that will look at the benchmarks offered by from the review and say that the KT-600 performance wasn't that bad at all... but, did you all notice that the reference board was a Gigabyte 7NNXP? which so happens to be one of the poorest OC boards around? Maybe the reviewer was trying to set a tone for which to make the KT-600 chipset look better, maybe he was just trying not to embarrass VIA's new chipset. I don't know, but if the Gigabyte was the reference board of choice, then there seemed to be some bias for the KT-600, IMHO.

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