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    can you help me find a mobo?

    i need a good mobo for my Athlon Xp 2500+ Barton, here are my requirements:

    -Supports Dual Channel DDR

    -Supports at least PC2700/3200

    -Supports OCing

    -Supports Ultra DMA 100 AND 133

    -Has good onboard sound in your opinion

    -Supports at least 333 and 400 CPU Speeds

    -Is ATX form factor

    Thanks in advance and happy hunting

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    So basically.... an nForce2 board. The abit or asus boards have what you want.
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    the big three are asus, abit, or epox. it is really preference and price as to which one to choose from. i believe people are getting the best consistant OC from abit at this point.

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    the abit board is the best OC'er. can be run over 200FSB right out of the box. well the REV 2.0 board can.

    get it at last i heard it was $112 guaranteed REV 2.0.

    if that's to much get the Epox 8RDA. it's like $80 and has everything you asked for. it's also very stable but needs some mods to take a 200+FSB stable. if you want the best OC get the abit. after you spend everything to get the Epox ready for 200+ FSB you coulda paid for the abit.
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    The ASUS A7N8X-DLX is nice if you're not worried about price. I got mine at for 140, but they're cheaper now. Just matters what you need.

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    i have the epox and nf7-s and i like both my boards. My epox didn't need any mods to hit 200 fsb. The nf7-s kicks butt and i have hit 220 fsb. I have worked on the a7n8x dlx(old version) and it wasn't able to run stable at 200 fsb. Hope that helps ya out.

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    Get a KT600 (kt400b) if you don't want NF2. Or KT400A but then you don't get guarenteed 200 mhz support (you get the dividers for 200 mhz though).

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