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    what's the difference between +r and -r?

    Is there any specific differences between dvd+r and dvd-r?

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    yes, although i don't know what specifically. i remember reading a website on it, that enumerated the +r is a lot better (features, stability, etc). if i find the website again, i'll post it.

    Edit: not the exact site i was looking for, but it should help a little:
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    Yeah, actually I just read an article about the techincal differences at I still don't understand 100% but I understand enough to know what I'm talking about now, well sorta

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    I did a bit of research into this issue. Basically what I found was that most anything is readable on most anything. + reads in -, - reads in +, Most DVD video players DVD read them both.

    In theory, DVD- should be a touch more backward compatible -- it should work with all but the oldest DVD players. It also has the dubious advantage of usinf DVD-RAM - dubious because DVD-RAM software isn't compatible with regular recording software. Still, DVD-RAM is the ultimate long term data solution.
    I can find no real advantage to DVD+ except that HP backs it. Where HP goes, many will (be forced to) follow.

    My advice is simple. If you have a DVD player make sure you get the kind that's compatible with it. Mine only plays - so I got -

    The issue on software is a total screwball. In all likelihood the software included with your DVD burner won't actually be able to create a DVD movie. Storebought DVD movies use two layers, so they really hold 9.4GB on one side. To store a 2 hour movie on a DVD you have to use VCD (often called LP) which is again not always compatible in a home player (computers should have no problem) but the quality is lower (320x240?) or SVCD (SP mode -- even less home player compatibility but less compression). My player will play VCD (not SVCD) but can't navigate the menus, they have to play straight through.

    To make a full quality 740x480 DVD (one hour) which you may want if you're transfering home movies from tape, you may need to upgrade the OEM software.

    lol got all that (phew)
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    Re: what's the difference between +r and -r?

    Originally posted by OCn00b
    Is there any specific differences between dvd+r and dvd-r?

    happy bday!!!!!!!!!!!

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    thanks man, bday=upgrades

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