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    Which Board

    Hi all,

    I want to get a complete new system soon and the A7N8X seems like a good choice. However, I know that the A7N8X-X Supports 400fsb chips but does the deluxe version?

    Would the A7N8X be a good choice to get? Should I wait for a better board to come out? Also whas the buit-in sound like on these boards?



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    All the rev 2 boards officially support 400fsb. What do you plan on doing with your board? If you plan to run stock or moderately OC'd the Asus is one of the best boards you can buy. For serious overclocking the Abit NF7-S is the way to go.

    The sound is excellent.
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    ditto but you may wanna check out the new gigabyte nF2 boards also....i forget their names but supposedly pretty good oc'ers as well...i know soundstorm (integrated audio) on the a7n8x dlx boards is really good. but the non dlx boards have plain jane audio, which is fine as long as you're not an audiofreak..r u an audiofreak?
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