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    Question Poll: Who's running without an anti-corrosive agent?

    If you're running closed-loop without an anti-corrosive agent (WW, purple ice, anti-freeze) please post:

    1) What liquid concoction you're running
    2) What metal your system is composed of (hopefully similar types)
    3) Have you noticed any corrosion/ill effects?
    4) How often you replace you liquid?


    1) distilled + 10% washer fluid
    2) brass & copper
    3) 3-days old; not yet.
    4) not yet!
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    1) Water.
    2) copper, unless the H/C is brass, its only copper.
    3) when I stick aluminum components in.
    4) about once a month
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    1) Tap water
    2) As with JFettig, it's all copper unless there's brass in my HC
    3) Can't see inside my block, but otherwise no
    4) Only had it going a few weeks, but I really should do it soon

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    1. tap water
    2. copper and brass
    3. old system has been running for 3 mounths, with close to no corosion (the copper had lost is shinny look, both inside and outside, but nothing more)
    4. never changed it, in the old system, just some refill (open reservoir, not a bong tower)
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    1) Distilled water / Zerex
    2) Brass fittings / Copper / Heatercore metals
    3) Only a month old none yet
    4) Told to do it around every 6 months

    I think the main reason to run the additives is to keep the creepy-crawlies from growing in your water as well as corrosion.
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    1) Distilled Water and 10% Antifreeze.
    2) Copper and possiably brass in the heater core.
    3) Nope.
    4) Every 6 months

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    1) Steam Distilled Water, and 10% WWF like you do.
    2) Copper blocks, copper heatercore w/brass endtanks only. Brass, chromed brass and poly fittings.
    3) None. My poly top Gemini is as clean as the day I got it inside. I've never cleaned or flushed it either. A tad over a year now.
    4) Only once when I had to move my desk to lay new flooring--My res is wall-mounted.

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    1) Water from a reverse osmosis purifier
    2) Copper/brass
    3) Clean
    4) Just re-built today
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    1) Distilled Water and 10% Antifreeze.
    2) Copper and brass
    3) No.
    4) Not yet.
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    1. 100% pre mixed antifreeze
    2. all copper
    3. nope, but my block is coved in neoprene, so i wouldnt see it if it was.
    4. every 6 mos or so

    I need it with my chillin anyways.
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    Ewwww at the antifreeze. We learned in the sticky post years ago that antifreeze is horrible at transferring heat.
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    a cap full of antifreeze will not change your temps, it will help with keeping it clean though. I used antifreeze for a while and had the same temps with straight water, providing you use only a little bit.
    Right now I use straight water and have done so for about the last 6 months. Water has not been changed in that time and there is no corrosion or nasties floating around in there.
    In my opinion water wetter and zerex and purple ice and all that stuff is complete waste of money. Just my opinion though.

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    1. Distilled Water / 5% antifreeze / 5% Window Washer Fluid
    2. Copper/Barbs-brass(but brass is copper with very little tin mixted in to strengthen it, so pretty much copper).
    3. No
    4. Never
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    Originally posted by Toysrme
    Ewwww at the antifreeze. We learned in the sticky post years ago that antifreeze is horrible at transferring heat.
    Yeah, but notice the chilled watertemps in his sig...2C requires a tad bit more than plain water.

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    1) 1 gallon distilled water / half cup of water wetter
    2) copper and brass
    3) no corrosion/ill effects
    4) never replaced it until last week when a capacitor exploded and leaked acid into my water.

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    1) watter wetter and red uv reactive dye
    2) copper brass silver
    3) my bank account only
    4) once every 6months maybe
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