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    Things that make you go Hmmm

    Finally got most of the bugs ironed out and down to 2 machines left.

    Check it out:

    Finally going the right direction

    Still haven't figured out why the XP machines are not pulling the users from my main domain when trying to share a folder but I did find an awkward workaround for the moment. The Win2k machines worked fine.
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    I want to give you huge kudos for the steep slope on your graph, but I have no idea what you're talking about.

    A little more info as to what you're setting up and having problems with would get me out of the dark.


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    Let me explain it by telling how it works witha Win2k pro machine, then it is easier to understand.
    I have a win2k server with domain name erpauls. I install win2k pro on a workstation and have it join the domain. Then If I go to share a resource on the workstation I set up tell it to share that resource. I then press the permissions button and it brings up that page. If I hit ADD button it brings up all the Domain erpauls users and groups. I can then select whomever I want to have rights and what rights.

    After joining a XP pro machine to the domain if I go to the share area when I try to add users it only pulls them from the local machines users not the domains. If I go to the location selection I only have that computers location not the main domain.

    I have double/triple checked made sure I was logged into the main domain. I've logged in as administrator and a user with admin rights. still nothing.
    Now, to make it even more weird one time for a brief moment it did bring the domain users but next time I tried nope.

    Now my current work around has been to give permission to the local administrators group which is recognizing the domain administrators. Since I am a domain admin it has allowed me access this way but it is not prefered.
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    I've had this problem with my w2k machines and my XPpro machine. My XPpro can only see some shares and I'm not sure why. I got around it for now by mapping the IP address from the run box.

    If I figure this out I'll post.
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