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    Stupid Kingston memory :(

    I thought my cpu was the cause of instability of my system so I put the voltage way up but the system was running to hot and I didnt like that at all. So today i decided to redo my overclock from stock 1700. I got to 166mhz FSB the memory choked in memtest and Prime95 at stock voltage YIPEE so i put in .1 more. Well all went well until 180fsb where it choked again so in goes another .1volts so now its at 2.8+ because my board overvolts. The moment of truth at 200mhz fsb, what its rated to run at, the memory choked at 2.8volts and it isnt running to nicely with 2.9v. So the ram doesnt even run at its rated speed and i dont have time to RMA it. So my suggestion is to stay away from Kingston and pay the extra $20 or so for Corsair. I will get back to you guys if i can fix this.

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    I have about 8 sticks of Kingston Hyper-X in my fleet of
    computers (11 computers if you include the laptops).

    All my Kingston runs at 5-2-2-2 and around 7Mhz-15Mhz over
    their rated speed. That's each and EVERY stick, not just
    a lucky one or two.

    Plus I picked it all up on New Egg refurb for dirt cheap.....

    You can't make such a blanket statement over one stick of RAM....

    And besides, you haven't even mentioned which kind of
    Kingston it was....Hyper-X? Value? Generic? OEM?
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    Well I guess it was a fluke I reverted everything to stock again and re-overclocked and it went away

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