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    Overclocking My Duron 800 to 1Ghz

    I am trying to push my Duron 800 to 1Ghz. By adjusting the FSB on my board I have achieved 848 Mhz. I think that I have to get another board but I am not sure. I have the BCMKT133 board from
    Can anyone recommend a board that will give me great results with overclocking to 1Ghz without having to modify the processor or motherboard ?

    My Bios is limited to me only adjusting the FSB. The highest that I am able to get is 848 without the computer locking up. The heat with the stock heatsink/fan and the case fan is about 109-112 F. Is that too hot ?..... I think that it is too hot and am thinking about a watercooling solution. I have found one for about 165.00 with a couple accessories that fits inside the case. I am thinking about getting the ASUS mobo with the onboard RAID. I am confident that with the cooler and new mobo I will see 1Ghz with no problem and danger to the cpu.

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    If you are using the KT-133 chipset then the highest you will likely see is about 115 MHZ fsb. It's better to unlock the proc and use a combo of mult and fsb adjustments. You should see a gig with few probs if the cooling is ok. :-)

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    The board you have right now should work fine. If you dont want to mod the proceessor, then you are limited to just FSB changing.

  4. #4 u want to overclock without unlocking the multiplier? if should either get an asus a7v133 or an abit w/ raid board...either is great for overclocking...

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